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One thought on “2016 Women’s Summit * Las Vegas, NV

  1. Rape of women and molestation of young girls is not a new cause and effect issue to most women living in America today, but do we know the facts??? My work experience and background includes Executive Director of the Sacramento Women’s Rape Crisis, Mother Emergency Service Center back in 1974. Jerry Brown Jr. was Governor in Sacramento then also, hmm mm, maybe just a coincidence, or is time repeating itself? We help with the establishment of providing nation wide services to rape victims, battered and abused women. We marched ten thousand strong in the historical “Take Back The Night” closing pornography shops in San Francisco, Ca., then all over the country. We organizes safe shelters for abused and battered women with the establishing of “HOT” lines on 800 numbers. President Jimmy Carter gave women twenty-five million dollars to hold state conferences and a national one where thirty thousand women attended in Huston, Texas to establish resolution’s that could aid women causes in America. What has happened?? Are we as women better off today??? I am calling on our sister’s to address what is going on and a call to “ACTION” that will allow us to revisit women’s issues and apply necessary steps to reclaim our ground. Need your input NOW! I AM WOMAN.

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